Our Commitment is

  • Maintain existing clients both at central and regional levels. 
  • Improving the quality of human resources.
  • Improving the efficiency and quality of production.
  • Increase the mastery of the use of information

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30 Tahun Arkonin

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Jajaran Karyawan Arkonin yang mendapatkan penghargaan masa bakti 30, 25, 20, 10, 5 tahun berfose bersama setelah mendapatkan tanda mata atas baktinya selama ini. 

ISO 9001:2008

 At December 20,2012, PT Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama received ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.This certificate is a guarantee of quality for all of our services to customers. 


World-wide Consultants for over 25 years

PT Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama is an engineering   consulting firm with its head office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Arkonin Enginering MP since its establishment in 1982 as a subsidiary company  of  PT  Arkonin  through  Notaries Act of Hobropoerwanto No. 35 and was officially approved by the Ministry of Justice through No. C2-6751-HT01-01 Th 83 dated October 1983.

Nevertheless, since 1975 most of its personnel had been employed staff of engineering division of PT Arkonin. Both PT Arkonin and  PT Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama are members of Pembangunan Jaya Group, which has more than 40 companies.

Major  projects are  normally  carried  out in   association  with  international   consulting firms.   PT Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama has an extensive experiences in working with international consulting firms.

Obviously, working as associated of other consultants, PT Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama has gained substantial experience in transfer of knowledge and skills which will be a benefit for the next project performance.

PT Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama employs professionals in various field of expertise, technicians and supporting personnel. The work of these engineers and specialists is integrated to provide specialized services for the clients; they are managed by qualified and experienced project team leaders. Beside of permanent staffs, if required, PT Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama could also provide the services from associate professionals, either from  with in the Pembangunan Jaya Group or from outside.

The Clients of project experiences have done by PT. Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama consist of National Government covered of PT. PLN (Persero), Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Health, State Ministry of Environment, etc. and International have covered of World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank (IDB), JBIC, JICS and JICA and also Private Client.

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President Commissaries :
Ir. H. Achmad Noerzaman, MM 

Commissaries :
1. Ir. H. Bambang Bahagio 
2. Drs. Slamet Budisukrisno 
3. Ir. H. Sjaiful Arifin


President Director : 
Ir. Syaiful Ikram, MSTr 

Director : 
Ir. Guntur Sitorus, MT

Vice Director :
1. Ir. Beny Kintoko, MM, MSi

Kompleks Perkantoran Bintaro Persada Blok A No. 2&3
Jl. R.C. Veteran No.66 Bintaro, Pesanggrahan.
Jakarta Selatan 12330
Telp. : +62 21 7350211 (hunting)
Fax. : +62 21 7363947
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