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Scope of Services:
Renun Hydro-Electric Power Plant 2 x 41 MW, and 150 KV Transmission Line (5.4 KM Double), Sidikalang, Medan, North Sumatra (JBIC Loan-No. IP-376). (Original Contract Up to Memorandum No. 11 of 2007)
(Review Design, Bid Document, Environemental Study and Construction Supervision)

PT. PLN (Persero) Pikitring North Sumatra, Aceh and Riau

Job description:

  • Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) Run - Of - River 82MW and associated transmission lines in the region of Lake Toba by utilizing the available water resources of river flow Renun water currently flowing into the Indian Ocean to the lake.
  • The execution was conducted from pre - construction in 1992 and continued construction period of 1993 s /d in 2005, up operation in 2007.
  • Hydropower Renun build a variety of important facilities such as Tibutary Intake, Main Intake, Tunnel and Regulating Pond. Tributary Intake consists of 11 units designated as a diversion facility and reservoir flow 11 tributaries of the natural flow to the river downstream Renun be to Regulating Pond, in the drop to Turbine in Silalahi for subsequent entry to Lake Toba.

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