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PT. Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama has had much experience in the field of infrastructure includes: Technical Plan End Highway, Planning, Road Town / County Planning Bridge, Planning Drainage Area, Grading / development of land / land area, the Master Plan for the airport, Planning Railway Station, Planning port, an independent Quality Control (PMI) Toll Roads, Traffic Impact Assessment study, port Construction Management, Planning Golf and support buildings such as retaining walls, waste water treatment plant (WWTP), the pump housing / intake etc. including utilities housing area / industry (clean water pipelines, sewage networks, electrical wiring, PJU, telephone cable network).
Some of the major projects that have been implemented:


 Toll Road Bakauheni - Large Terbanggi

Location: Lampung Province
Year: 2015 - 2017
User Services: PT Waskita

Job description:
Conduct planning horizontal and vertical geometry of the highway along the 30 km with a width of 27.2 m road (two lanes, four lanes), planning interchange (interchanges), next to the motorway drainage planning, planning box culvert, planning overpass, underpass planning, planning bridge, highway pavement types with 55 cm thick rigid, planning gates and office operations, planning signs and road markings. Technology / methods / software: land desktop / Civil 3D, SAP



 Basic Plan Design Jalan Semanggi Interchange

Location: Jakarta
Year: 2015
User Services: PT. Panca Mitra Persada

Job description:
Planning geometry horizontal and vertical Road Interchange clover, for the direction of Grogol to Blok M with a length of 842 m and Cawang to MH Thamrin with a length of 868 m, width of the road 9 m each 2 lanes, construction of the Box Girder, the structural design of foundation until the pier head Road Interchange.
Technology / methods / software: SAP, balance cantilever.


 Planning Infrastructure Detail

User Services: PT Belaputera Intiland Lyman Group, Kota Baru Parahyangan.
Is one of the developers of the faithful entrusted to our infrastructure design, since tahun1995 - now.
Location: Kota Baru Parahyangan - Padalarang, West Java.
Year: 1995 - present
Job: Planning Details Infrastructure Cluster and office (total: 150 Ha), Planning Details Road Network, Main Road, Collector Road (total: 50 Km), Planning Details Infrastructure Area Golf (total: 70 Ha, 18 holes), Planning Details Infrastructure Area Theme Park included structures and Foundations Water Slides (total: 13 Ha), Planning Details Bridges (total: 3 pieces, spans variation) and Planning Infrastructure Details Sport Club.
Location: Padalarang Bandung, West Java Province
Year: 2015
User Services: PT. Bela Parahyangan Investindo

Job description:
Conduct analysis of topography, hydrology and hydraulics analysis, planning, land grading, planning of roads, drainage network planning environment, road pavement design, planning and building support among other retaining wall (DPT), utility planning, among others; water supply network, electricity network, PJU, listrk substations, telephone network.
Technology / methods / software: land desktop / Civil 3D, SAP.




 Planning Building Detail Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Organica Suryacipta City Industry

Location: East Karawang, West Java
Year: 2015
User Services: PT. Surya Cipta Swadaya

Job description:
Planning structures pre-treatment (control room, office space, laboratory space), building food chain reactor (FCR), building clarifier, supporting building lighting building pre-treatment, PJU, the lightning rod, street and drainage along the 150 m and networks he main pipe of 700 mm, 150 m long and WWTP building capacity of 5,000 m3 / day
Technology / methods / software: SAP


 Airport Master Plan Planning Kiwirok

Location: District Kiwirok - Star Mountains District - Papua Province
Year: 2016
User Services: The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia - Center for Research and Development

Job description:
Conduct analysis of topography, analyze the physical condition of the land (hand drill and sondir), planning the run way (onshore facilities) and facilities planning air airports, as well as planning support facilities airport (finger-ngan environmental drainage, planning pavement run way, construction planning operational support airports, utilities planning, among others, the water network, electricity network, electricity grid, telephone network.
Substantially Planning Kiwirok Airport Master Plan Papua among others contains:

  1. Setting up the concept of planning and design of airport Kiwirok in Bintang Mountains Regency -Papua, according NSPK relevant
  2. Characterization and prediction of traffic conditions and air transport until the end of the design of the master plan
  3. Analysis of air space and air traffic services
  4. Feasibility analysis of the location of the region as an airport location
  5. Analysis of the needs of airport facilities, facilities airside, landside, utilities, navigation and telecommunication tools flights
  6. Creating a site plan facilities - airport facilities more efficient and effective
  7. Knowing and estimate the environmental impact of airport development and operations
  8. Doing forecasting needs of the construction cost of the master plan
  9. Make a financial and economic analysis of the Pemba-opment and airport operations
  10. Knowing the feasibility of building and operating airports on the economic and financial studies.




 Feasibility Study and Review Survey of Investigation and Design Modifications Pier Piers Mamuju

Location: Mamuju, West Sulawesi
Year of execution: from June to September, 2016
Owner: PT ASDP Ferry Indonesia (Persero)

Job description:
In 2016, PT. Arkonin Engineering Manggala Pratama gain the trust of PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) in the employment package Feasibility Study and Review Survey of Investigation and Design Modifications Pier Piers Mamuju. Review of the feasibility study and survey, investigation and design (SID) in the

port of Mamuju aims to determine the potential feasibility of the project, prof-it and soil properties and conditions at the location bathymetry studies in order to manufacture the pier construction design review and other port facilities in financial corresponding technical requirements in support of ship-ping operations and unloading of goods and passengers by the size of the ship according to the shipping area.


 Planning Cipamingkis River Bridge 1 Delta Mas

Location: Cikarang district. Bekasi, West Java
Year: In 2012
User Services: PT. Puradelta Lestari

Job description:
Planning Cipamingkis River Bridge 1 using this type of kontruksiI girder with spans of 80 m (20 +40 +20) Width 2 x 10.5 m, there are two pillars of each pillar 10 m high and 2 buildings abutment.
Technology / methods / software: SAP


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