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Experience PT. Arkonin Manggala Pratama Engineering in the field of waste water include: Network Piping Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Pump House, House Connection, and City Sanitation Community Based Sanitation. Services Expertise implemented include: assessment, feasibility study (Feasibility Study) technical and non-technical, master plan (master plan), design (DED), Advisory, SOP, Facilitate Implementation of Sanitation for Institutional and Community Supervision Development and Commissioning Test.
Some of the major projects that have been implemented will be described below:


Review Design and Construction Supervision of Wastewater Pipelines, Pump House and Wastewater Treatment Plant(WWTP) Denpasar Sewerage Development Project II (DSDP II)

 Location: Denpasar, Sanur and Kuta, Bali
 Year: 2009-2016 (82 months)
 User Services: Directorate PPLP, DGHS Ministry PUPR
 Job description:

  • Do design review against WWTP, pumping station and pipeline gatherers;
  • Supervising the construction of the WWTP, wastewater pipe network ф 200 - 1200 mm with a total length of 130 km, the pump housing and house connections;
  • Do review SOUP.



Institutions and Public Assistance Pilot Project related to the Sanitation Sub-D Program (WASAP-D)

 Location: Payakumbuh, Jambi, Banjarmasin, Solo, Blitar and Denpasar.
 Year : 2012

 User Services: Directorate PPLP, DGHS Ministry PUPR
 Job description: 

  • Doing facilitation and assistance to self-help groups (SHGs) and related institutions in SHG formation, preparation of technical material (DED), verification of documents finance technical and administrative support needed for disbursement and accountability reporting, monitoring and evaluation of programs Wasap- D.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the grant based on state laws.
  • Do review to Project Management Implementation Manual (PMIM).
  • Coordinating with stakeholder Related (World Bank, Ministry of Finance, Government of the City, etc.) in order to accelerate the disbursement of funds for the implementation of infrastructure development of urban sanitation.
  • PIU facilitate the procurement of goods and services, as well as the preparation of documents of social security and the environment (safeguards).
  • Develop training materials for KSM / craftsman / foreman for construction.
  • Facilitate the financial management training for staff treasurer PMU, PIU and KSM.


Monitoring, Evaluation and Study on the Implementation of Community-Based Sanitation in Indonesia (Regular SANIMAS Advisory Consultants 2016)

 Location: 260 point locations in 160 districts / cities in 31 provinces in Indonesia
 Year: 2016
 User Services: Directorate PPLP, DGHS Ministry PUPR
 Job description:


  • To monitor and evaluate the implementation of development activities SANIMAS, 2016.
  • Accompanying the implementation of activities SANIMAS 2016, through cooperation and coordination with TFL, STFL and local governments for socialization, Selection Location Participatory (Selotif ), selection of technology, the formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs), preparation of the DED and the RAB, the drafting of the Community Action (RKM) , KPP formation, training, procurement of goods and services, construction, and operation and maintenance preparations.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the implementation process SANIMAS activities through fund spending on goods.
  • Identify problems, provide solutions and recommendations.




Monitoring and Evaluation of the Implementation of Community-Based Sanitation in Eastern Indonesia (Consultant Advisory SANIMAS Regular East Region Year 2017)

 Area: 41 points SANIMAS 2017 locations in 38 districts / cities and 6 points SANIMAS 2016 locations in 12 provinces in Eastern Indonesia
 Year: 2017
 User Services: PPLP Directorate, Ministry DGHS PUPR
 Job description:

  • Accompanying the implementation of activities SANIMAS 2017;
  • Providing assistance SANIMAS functionality and sustainability that has been built in 2016.
  • Providing justification and advisory (Technical and management) on the implementation SANIMAS SANIMAS FY 2016 and FY 2017.
  • Identifying SANIMAS awakened in 2016 can still be improved func- tionality.
  • Facilitate the implementation of activities SANIMAS for selecting and siting, RPA, technology selection, formation of SHGs and KPP, preparation of RKM, create an image of the design and implementation plan, training is required, the procurement of goods and services in the community, construction, operation and maintenance.
  • Monitoring performance TFL Technical assistance and empowerment, as well as the commitment from local government.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the implementation process SANIMAS activities through fund spending on goods.
  • Giving advice / feedback implementation SANIMAS activities.


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