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2011, Area: DKI Jakarta, User Services: Jakarta Sanitation Departmen

Academic Master Plan and Solid Waste Assessment 2012 -2032 Jakarta

Peta Rencana Daerah Pelayanan dengan ITF Duri Kosambi dan TPS 3 R fase 4 Tahun 2027 - 2032.

Job description:

  1. Identification of Waste Management Conditions in Jakarta, include: Aspects of the Regulation, Institutional Funding, Community Participation Social / Cultural, Technical and Operations.
  2. Inventory Infrastructures in Waste Management in Jakarta, covering the steps of: sorting, collection, transport, processing and final processing waste.
  3. Create and map the existing treatment patterns following the availability of facilities and infrastructure in the five (5) of the City Administration in Jakarta and Islands District Administration thousand.
  4. Identification and analysis in accordance with the service area generation processing of waste in Jakarta as well as analyzing the composition and characteristics of waste.
  5. Analyzing the results of studies and the waste composition Master Plan JICA in 1987, as well as the Master Plan Review, 2005 (WJEMP).
  6. Develop Service Standards Sorting and Collecting Trash.
  7. Develop criteria and standards for sorting and waste collection, developing the concept of design / design improvements and facilities where waste sorting garbage collector.
  8. Develop a system of resources and transportation services or garbage temporary shelters or on the integrated waste treatment facility to get to the final processing.
  9. Assessing the needs of final waste processing site High Technology-based environmentally friendly.
  10. Make technical recommendations utilization of the Integrated Waste Management (TPST) High Technology-based Regional Environmental Friendly.
  11. Assessing the institutional aspects that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of waste management.
  12. Reviewing the regulatory aspects that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of waste management.
  13. Reviewing the funding aspect which includes the estimated cost of short-term waste management activities (annual), medium term (five years) and long term, including the calculation of the amount tipping fee waste processing
  14. Examines aspects of social community and culture as instructed in the Law 18 of 2008 on Waste Management
  15. Develop Academic Waste Jakarta, is poured into the Academic Studies Academic
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